Hurry to get your favourite horse! We are having a Special Sale for this weekend only, ending Sunday, February 5, ! An additional 10% Off Any of our horses after their already lowered Sale price!
12 Safe Trail Horses to choose from!! Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Paso Finos & Quarter Horse! Great for all types of riders from intermediate to timid riders, beginner riders & children.

We have many horse colours right now including palomino, paints/spotted horses, greys, sorrels, blacks, bays, bay/white and black/white and sorrel/white paints! All are beautiful horses with sane minds!

We take great pride in the quality of horses we have for sale and the amount of time we spend riding them on trail to be safe, sane mounts for anyone to enjoy.

The horses we sell are purchased for their sane minds as you cannot ride a colour or a breeding. When you buy any horse, you are riding that horses mind. Add a ?well trained horse? into a good mind and you have the winning combination for a fun trail ride with your safety in mind!

We are truly interested in providing excellent trail mounts for the beginner rider, timid rider and children, although we also have horses for intermediate riders as well.

To visit our farm and look at the horses we have, means you are getting excellent minded horses to choose from, all in one location. It sure beats driving around to many locations to see only one horse. It is worth coming to meet the horses as there is something for everyone.

We are more than happy to take you for a free trail ride to try our horses out. We have trail riding available for test rides every day. In the winter, our trails are all open, so there is excellent trail riding all winter long!

If you have never tried a gaited horse, please feel free to come out and give ours a try! It?s hard to have an opinion about gaited horses, if you have never rode one before! Come try our gaited horses!
So come and join us any time of the year! No obligations or pressure sales, just plain "old-fashion" fun!!

Please contact Alyssa Knox, at Knox Equine Services, by telephone (800) 308- or (705) 896- or by email to get our website address to view more photos and information on each horse or to ask any questions you may have! Pricing starts at $500 and goes up from there. We look forward to hearing from you today!